through space and time you flyin
dimension multiplyin’
out for a quick vacation
and then disaster

you’re burnin up on fire
lost all control haywire
there is no explanation
what happens after?

Far from home
You’re spirit’s thrown
By gravity, you’re fallin’

Your journey beginning
Time is thinning
but never ends

Bending and twisting
Dimensions dripping
atomic clock, it’s ticking

Travel faster than light
From that great height
You descend

a place unfamiliar
breathe until you're
blending in it’s time now

To mimic what you see
Or this could be
The very end

From lights years away
you hear them say
Today is your tomorrow

Warped and distorted
you're transported
you ascend

now it’s up to you to crack the code
4 times 10 and 9 keys get you home

burning up you lost control
into a place unknown
Then we will all know the truth
It's what you're trained to do
But then all your work is done
Transformed and then you’re one
Many moons, it’s clear to you
What you must do

Turn on the converter
now juice the transformer
You can feel it getting warmer
You’re force is getting stronger

No time to stop now
You've learned it somehow
You're programmed to know

Gravity reversing
Your body is traversing
Through a thousand universes
There's no time to rehearse

This is the real thing now
Oh no kaboom! pow!
Your body explodes