Pixelated avenues are spilling up into my shoes
It feels like they're swallowing me


Ones, zeros raining down exploding light cascading 'round
As far as the eye can see


It feels like the first time
but I close my eyes and know it isn't so


I always pick the worst time
to get out of my mind and let it show, oh no



I say

(did'ya' ever think the day would come)

oh yea

(it's never over till it's overflowing)

I'm losing my control


I say

(cut deep in the stoney one)

oh yea

(we won't stop till ya' memory’s done)

and still it's spinning round


round round round round


Never be the same again

Equation is my only friend

Solution, my enemy



and now I'm not the only one

Multiplication complete


feel's like my mind is moving faster than ever before

I try to unwind it but it keeps wanting more and more


Fine Sir Ector, Motherboard

Please help me to remove the sword

So once and for all I can see


Rush into the future

find the time to rewind

take me back through evolution

never guess what you will find...




(did'ya' ever think the day would come)