King Computer

Random access meditation
Digital perfect second glance
Inter-kinetic demonstration
Central processor circumstance

Something happening in the mainframe
A battle to settle everything
Do not mistake it for a mere game
This names the one and only king

But he's the one you least expect (you shouldn't doubt it)
the zero you neglected (but you've clicked around him)
you pushed him to the side (soon that won't be happening)
never paid him any mind (you did not know he was the king)

(He'll soon be) the king of computer world

knock knock knocking on the door
(what is it that we're looking for?)
you thought you knew but now unclear
now what have we got here?

go step up right up to destiny
this may just unlock the key
take one last look around
now pull it from the ground

they never will expect it (but it's no disaster)
soon you'll be respected (start running faster)
they'll put you the test (they'll be sorry after)
he was always such a pest (soon he's the master)
this says that he's the king of computer world

it cannot be
just look right here it's plain to see
come and look (we've got a clue now)
it said it in the book (it's coming true now)
He can't be!
I am the king computer

You shouldn't doubt it
They still deny it
Watch them try it
Don't deny it
Let him try it

He really is the king
The king of computer world
He really is the king
The king of computer world
Bow down to your king
The king of computer world