Lift it Up

Uther once was feeling strong

But weaker as time rages on

Uther I can hear you cryin'


It's over

Will there be a next in line?

Visions of him fill the mind

Of Whiz bang wizard waiting long


The wait's over


Somebody pick it up

You got to pick it up

Somebody lift it up

You got to lift it up

Try pickin it up

You try liftin it

Try pickin it up

You try it! You try it!


Tell me once and future king

Can you hear the echoes ring

Of father calling from beyond


Take over


In the wooded doom and gloom

Creatures stir below the moon

Flocking flying all around

Be still

They're coming now




Someone will come along

look for a sign

They may not yet be strong

But there still is time