Murder Face

Look at how he moves not leaving a trace

He's a real cool customer

Look at how he smiles

That murder face 

He'll get you yea


He's got a job to do,  but he can't cling to the same machinery for two or three straight hours it's the truth

The smoke, it helps him cough, now the systems off, and he won't be phased or get engaged no matter what the cost 


You tell him hey, you think this is a game? Now don't you feel ashamed?

whats inside your head?

Soon I will be dead


Talk talk talk!

Talking but your mind it wanders

Just how would it feel?

Ha ha

So funny up until its real

The laughter the screaming the laughter the -


Run run run!

Running but your legs are tired

Just how will it feel

Oh no

So frightening up until its real

The laughter the screaming 

It's murder face


He stares right into me

Eyes lookin dead

They're watching they're watching

Listen to the man

Now hear what he says

He'll tell you, yea


He says thank you very much 

Hope you're as pleasant to the touch as you are to my eyes I'm not surprised I'm moving into such confusion

Everybody shouts, and now my knife is coming out, it goes into your heart and tears apart your hatred and your doubt

If you only you could all have trusted me, it'd be different cant you see?


Here he comes

He's coming to get you


Double sorrows bubble

Gods and guns will get you

Oh you hope he lets you 




Think think think

What's the last thing you remember?

Is it a white light coming heey!!

And just how did it feel?

The laughter the screaming

Remember remember how to


Talk talk talk!

Talking with your mind it wonders

Just how did it feel? 

Doesn't seem like it was real

The laughter the screaming 

The laughter the screaming