Live For Live Music Premiere's "Doktor Jazz" Music Video

In late 2015, Turkuaz took their futuristic funk to the next level with the release of Digitonium. Today, the band goes yet another step further, premiering the video for their Digitonium track, "Doktor Jazz." A visual mind-warp of distorted imagery, "Doktor Jazz" was directed by Brooklyn based artist Dani Brandwein, and shot in a motel room in Nashville, TN between shows on Turkuaz's tour. 

Dave Brandwein shares, "While we were in line at a Walmart in suburban Tennessee outside Nashville with 8 gallons of milk, glow in the dark wigs and makeup, a full body silver jumpsuit, food coloring, tons of garbage bags and several handles of whiskey - it was clear that we stuck out like a sore thumb." 

Director Dani Brandwein expands, "Dave had a very specific and clear concept of what he wanted. Everything you see in the video he pre-conceived. I found a sh*t hole motel in a real sketchy part of Nashville to help build on Dave's disturbing, yet psychedelic world, and we holed up in there until the motel caught wind of what we were doing and kicked us out."

"It was funny," says guitarist Craig Brodhead, "That whole sequence is kinda roaming around the motel room and making a mess. It was this sort of theatrical version of what we do all those nights on tour, night after night in these little dingy hotel rooms condensed into a few minutes."

We can't help but wonder what Turkuaz gets into while they're on tour. Our hotel stays tend to involve a little less milk. Vocalist Sammi Garett adds, "I was nervous about the milk. I love milk, but I wanted to get the pour perfect! I had been waiting for this moment where I got to pour gallons of milk all over myself and I wanted to get it right. I felt a little crazy when it was all over!" 

"I also felt a bit exposed having my man bits showing through the thin material of the silver suit," explains Josh Schwartz, bari sax/vocalist, "but that just added to the titillation of the experience.

Without further ado, feast your eyes and ears on the new "Doktor Jazz" video!

Turkuaz will be playing multiple festivals throughout the summer, including LOCKN', Peach Music Festival, and Catskill Chill. See a full list of their tour dates here.


Credible bios are supposed to be objective and not full of superlatives and hyperbole, but it’s hard to avoid gushing when the subject is a funk army of multi-instrumentals and singers that is part freight train and part tyrannosaurus rex, who—even on an off night—can blow away a room on the basis of sheer physics alone. That’s one way to describe Turkuaz, but it doesn’t address the music. In this regard, as with any band, influences are everything. One cannot escape them as one seeks to carve out a unique sound for themselves. Still, there are so many benefits to having Sly & The Family Stone, Rick James, Parliament and Bohannon in your record collection. With this as the basis for a recipe, Turkuaz adds healthy doses of jittery, world-pop-power groove—reminiscent of Remain In Light era Talking Heads—and a passion for Motown and R&B, resulting in a refreshing twist on the funk idiom. Turkuaz certainly does have sheer size in their favor, but when broken down into the basic components, each stands out on their own. Founders Dave Brandwein and Taylor Shell had the cream of the crop to choose from at Berklee, but making it happen as a large touring ensemble takes more than chops: it takes the right blend of personalities. When Turkuaz takes the stage, the chemistry is clear. The special combination of elements—singers in sequined dresses, guys in tails (or sometimes all of them in jumpsuits or other complimentary outfits) horns, keys, guitars, amps and drums and smiles all around… well, it’s easy to get caught up in the explosive auditory and visual circus and find oneself dancing. Despite all of the gear and people on stage, it becomes clear that it is not the size that matters here: it is the performance.